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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Solvent Recovery and Waste Minimization Program

Most of manufacturing companies generate waste, whether it is in form of hazardous waste or non-hazardous waste. In order to prevent its product competitiveness and to become an environmental friendly company these waste should be minimized and should be treated appropriately, and correctly as well. Waste minimization can be achieved through the implementation of Waste Recovery System.

An example of waste which can be recovered is waste solvent. By using advanced Solvent Recovery System such as distillation unit, recycling solvents not only helps the environment, but can also result in substantial savings. In order that company can get optimum result from its waste minimization program, there are several considerations should be taken when buying waste solvent recyclers. These include;

- The easiness of its operation as well as option so that we can answer this question: “How easy is these units can be integrated into company’s production lines?”
- Payback period. The shorter is the better.
- Its size. Choose that suit with company’s unique need of cost effective solvent recyclers.
- The volume of usable solvent from the waste solvent mixture and its purity level. The higher is the better.

When Solvent Recovery already become company’s top management commitment and considerations stated above are included in company’s decision making when implementing waste minimization program, this will result in several benefits, such as helping company to protect the environment, improving company’s image, as well as saving costs and sustainable performance.

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