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Name: Stanley Sutrisno

Born: Central Java, Indonesia.

Faith: Roman Catholic

Occupation: Internal Audit Manager

Business: Consultant: QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001, Energy Management System

Member of the Tim Konsultasi Manajemen APINDO - JATENG, Secretary General of the Masyarakat Efisien Energy Industri (MEEI) Jateng, Central Java - Indonesia.

Hobbies: Blogging, Badminton, Writing, Karaoke, Citizen Journalism.

Blogs - English:
Stanley's Blogging Site, musTrays Management, Semarang Online, The Ambarawa Railway Museum, Planet Energy, QMS GuideStanley's Photo Gallery.

Blogs - Indonesian:
Quality Forum, ISO 9001 Forum, Keluarga Karyawan Katholik PT. Apac Inti Corpora, Stanley's Photo Gallery.

Blog - Javanese:
"Jawa Suriname - Suriname Jawa"

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