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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Secret behind Trade Shows Success

Major trade shows succeed attracting hundreds of thousands up to millions of visitors. EICMA – motorcycles trade show in Milan, Italy, attended by more than 500.000 visitors in 2008. Buenos Aires International Book Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina attended by more than 1.24 millions of visitors in 2008. And, Cairo International Book Fair in Cairo, Egypt managed to attract two millions of visitors in 2007(*). What’s the secret behind this success?

Beside of its campaign, such a success, according me, was inseparable from the role of trade show equipments such as trade show displays, truss, logo floor mats, exhibit booths, etc., which usually used to organize trade shows. The performance of trade shows will be influenced by the quality of these equipments.

Trade show displays are used for displaying products and services at various events, especially trade show events. Come in variety of shapes and surfaces, custom trade show displays made of panels, laminates and metals. And, there are portable trade show displays that pop up and are ready in a few minutes.

Decorative truss, where exhibitors can hang graphics and banners from them, is also used at trade shows. Truss can be custom made to fit exhibitors’ display needs. Truss is also usually used in night clubs, stores, churches, concerts and as home décor as well.

Logo floor mats are used by trade show exhibitors as cheap printed flooring, because they come in larger sizes, too. All types of businesses and organizations usually use logo floor mats as entry mats with a logo or message such as “WELCOME” printed on them.

Exhibit booths use pipe and drape to delineate a section of flooring for trade shows or trade fairs. Exhibitors rent a space (exhibit booth) and fill it with their displays for presentations.
So, if you exhibitors need to participate on trade shows, you better choose and use these quality trade shows equipments described above for your success.

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Trade Show Displays said...

This is an excellent post, thank you very much for it..

Mickel Bush said...

Hey, that’s just a wonderful post about the secrets of trade show success. I am also planning to organize a trade exhibit so all this information would be extremely helpful. Need to buy custom trade show displays too. Hopefully will find a good service soon.

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