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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Importance of Trade Shows for Marketing

Businesses say trade shows have become an important form for marketing. Why? Why is it important?
According to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), seven out of 10 tradeshow attendees plan to buy one or more products. This institution also found that 72 % of tradeshow visitors say the show influenced their buying decision.  Drue Townsend, a senior vice president of marketing at FASTSIGNS®, wrote:  “Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to boost your business”.  He also stated ten reasons for business to have a tradeshow display and presence:
1.       Potential sales leads.
2.       Increase awareness.
3.       Make connections.
4.       Checkout the competitions’ booths.
5.       Increase industry knowledge.
6.       Strengthen your distribution chain.
7.       Make connections for joint ventures and licensing agreements.
8.       Introduce your product to new markets.
9.       Distributes samples from your booths, and;
10.   Use your booths space to demonstrate products.

Meanwhile, Center for Exhibiting Industry Research revealed that:
-          22 percent of sales and marketing executives say trades shows are their number one source for leads.
-          86 percent of trade show attendees are new contacts for those exhibiting.
-          75 percent of attendees pre-plan the companies they will visit at the show, and;
-          53 percent of attendees intend to buy within 12 months.
So, consider to participate in trade show exhibitions if you need to increase your business performance.

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