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Monday, June 20, 2011

Buy Gold? Why?

Gold, according to me, is the safest investment among other investment choices throughout the world all time. There are several reasons why people buy gold or investing in gold, whether it is in form of gold bullion or gold coins, is safer than making investment in stock, bond, and dollar (or other currencies) as well. The main reason is about the price.

While the price of stock, bond and dollar are tend to be very sensitive to changes of the world’s economy condition, war, politic, etc., the price of gold is more stable and even always increasing in the long term. Look at this fact of gold prices below:

In 1991, gold price was about USD 400/oz, but in June 2011 gold price has reached more than USD 1,500/oz. Increased more than 350% in two decades. Very astonishing, isn’t it? This fact had proven us that, although gold price can be volatile in the short term, but in the long term, Gold price has survived in every economy, politic situation.

Buy gold bullion, or gold coins, in this internet era is easy and comfort. We don’t need to go anywhere. We can buy bullion online at the best gold prices in the world. One thing necessary to be considered when we want to buy gold bullion or gold coins online is that we should make our self sure that we buy from a legitimate, reliable site.


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Dedicated Server said...

Gold is the safest way to invest as the value of gold doesn't change much from time to time, unlike properties and currencies.

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